My commission rate is 6%.

What do you get for that?
First off, I pay for all of the advertising.  Everything in the newspaper, all of the internet advertising, the open house flyers and InfoBox flyers.  Also, your home is featured on my personal website.  
I will do all of the open houses (and I like to do them every 2 or 3 weeks) because the BEST way to get your house sold, is to have it open to potential buyers so they can walk through and touch it and feel how the rooms flow and the size for their family. 
Best of all, our brokerage is part of The New Eagle Group, a company that also features a tax business, insurance company, wealth management piece and a property management company.  Our main office has almost 5,000 clients that walk through our doors, and we market your home to our other clients first.  No other brokerage in Dubuque can claim working with that many people on a yearly basis.
Our office also works with private investors.  That means that not only can we market your home to home buyers, but also people with credit or a down payment that is not quite what the banks are looking for.  Our investors help many buyers who don't qualify right now for loan, and get them into a home so they can purchase it at a later date. 
I'll answer all of the calls and emails asking for information on your home.   And when it comes down to it, the toughest thing you will have to do with me as your Realtor is leave the house when there are showings or open houses.  After that, the next toughest part of your job as a seller is signing the paperwork and collecting your proceeds check at closing. 

And did you know that according to 2013 sales stats, about one in eight buyers buy a home through a for sale by owner. The other 7 out of 8 go through a Realtor.  So the pool of buyers working with agents is about 6 times the size as those who aren't working with an agent.  Which means the odds of finding you a buyer are greater.

So what are you waiting for?  Contact me today and let's get started so you can get started on that next life chapter you've been waiting for.
Personal Cell: 563-581-0667 (call or text)